Research & Development

Innovation and Research are two important aspects to provide state-of-the-art offers. Bautech strongly believes in research and development, because it

allows you to generate that added value that is a growing opportunity for your customer. Innovation is the driving force behind growth, which promotes the introduction of significant products for the competitive market. As a company we have been able to participate in two important projects on the environment intelligence: MET-AAL Project and SafeManWalking Project.

MET-AAL Project

The MET-AAL project, funded by the Region of Puglia under the 'Regional Innovation Partnerships' call for proposals, aims to define and implement a platform of intelligence with pervasive technology useful to provide support, assistance and services to non-self-sufficient subjects.

The platform will be able to integrate several advanced domotic devices with innovative sensors such as cameras, for the fallout event recognition, into a monitoring and control system that will adapt the environment response to predicted context by predictive algorithms and the needs of the subject.

To achieve these ambitious goals BAUTECH collaborates with the project with a qualified partnership consisting of private companies in the ICT sector, University Research Organizations, and Assistance Organizations operating in the socio-sanitary services sector targeted at people with mental and motor disabilities. MET-AAL has multiple goals: from improving welfare conditions and social inclusion for citizens, diversification of ICT services and systems, promoting Made in Puglia globally.

Safe Man Walking Project

The Safe Man Walking research project aims to reduce the number of victims each year involving pedestrians and cyclists due to the low visibility of crosswalk and bike lane. SMW is a highly innovative and intelligent system for signaling pedestrian and bicycle crossings in busy and unlit environments. Its purpose is to signal the pedestrian or cyclist, by means of a led placed in the interior of the crossing, to alert the driver to slow down and stop the ride, allowing the pedestrian/cyclist to pass through the outside intermittent led. The project, made by a partnership of Apulia companies, was the winner of the Living Labs SmartPuglia 2020 call.